book direct is the best bet!

All Bookings can be phoned through on 0244412046 or 0412446247, Remember! while the internet is the future! you can not get the best deal! if you are not dealing directly with the business, while it is easier and more convinient to push a botton and book  online  this costs you on average 15% of your booking, and i dont get it, a business without owner ship of propetry or accommodation gets paid to disconnect you from reality, we are people and value you as our client, we dont miss lead or advertise false facts, we have had to join the internet and on line bookings to compete, now i want my clients to get the best deal and to save money, i would rather you have a picnic on the waterfront with your family, then pay a company to exploit my business a make money off you. so if you have rang direct you have already saved 15% off you total tariff.

We are friendly and have promotions and special deals daily, just call!

The only thing i want to hear when departure is I want to stay and we will be back, We have clients that have been coming for 50 years and that speaks for its self.

Guests Reviews on 9.1 (Guests review 9.1 award 2016)